Commercial Videography

Newwave Design is a full-service agency based in South Wales offering professional commercial videography and photography services. As a full-service agency, we handle the entire shoot – including sourcing a location, arranging venues, models and voice over. Our strategic approach ensures that every video has a purpose, telling a narrative whilst maintaining brand and emphasising marketing message.

The most powerful marketing asset

It is no surprise that YouTube is the world’s second most popular search platform. New generations turn to video to research the market and make buying decisions, seeking out product explanations, overviews and ‘how to’ guides. It is the preferred medium for an ever-growing target audience and is used to build credibility, explain complex services, convey brand message or provide clarity about a product, venue or location. Large brands are diverting advertising spend from TV and turning to video on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram to stand out from the noise, grabbing attention through motion graphics.

Our fullservice approach

We are experts in extracting core messages and conveying them through visual and digital platforms. Our in-house marketing, development and design teams, can support you with everything from designing and managing your website, to digital marketing, PR and designing graphics for print and adverts. Having specialists across multiple areas uniquely positions us to be able to add narrative to everything we do whilst ensuring marketing objectives are met.

Utilising the latest video technology

Our videography team is comprised of specialist videographers, editors and graphics designers who keep up with the latest trends and new technology. We are constantly investing in the latest equipment such as drones, sliders, steady cams and the very best lenses, to ensure outstanding quality. In addition to hardware, we have industry leading video editing software to ensure the highest quality and minimising the time it takes to edit.

Showcase your business, services or products

With video, the beauty is in the detail and taking the time to fully explain an area of your business can help to increase sales or gain investment. This type of video is perfect for an about us page, or a service or product page. A showcase video will typically cover an aspect of your business such as a product range or explanation of services. They may include a combination of animation, video and voice over. The extra detail videos provide in highlighting aspects of your business, can make a big difference when a customer is deciding whether or not to use your company.

Professional colour grading

Footage is shot in a flat profile to allow us to professionally colour grade all footage. This can give the video a stylised look which is better at evoking a desired emotional response or feeling. For example, you may want your footage to give a clinical feel if you are in the healthcare sector. Or you may want us to give the video a warm feeling if you are trying to convey comfort and safety. Colour grading is often not consciously noticed by a viewer, but it will change how they perceive the messages in the video.

Building multiple re-usable assets

Each time we do video for a client, we will look to maximise the value of our service through creation of additional assets that can be used across social media platforms and their website. A single video session may lead to many additional short clips and assets that can be Video stands out from the noise on social media platforms and will generate significantly more clicks than a post with a static image.

Corporate testimonial videos

Video is a flexible medium that can be used in various ways. Well shot, carefully planned corporate testimonial videos, can instantly add credibility to a service or product. When your audience can see a real person sharing their experience, it can greatly influence their decision to buy. This type of video can also be used for company recruitment, as well-filmed and thought out testimonials from employees, describing their day to day role, can lead to quality applicants.

Corporate culture videos

Corporate culture videos can be a powerful way to get across your businesses ethos and brand. These are often shot as a cinematic montage of clips that each summarise a key aspect of what makes your business tick, often including staff business outings, product demonstrations and animated graphics to explain services. This form of video can be used in recruitment and conveying your brand to potential buyers or investors.

Animated explainer videos

For some products or services, it is not always necessary to have a full professional videography session. Instead you may opt for an animated video containing illustrations, text, voiceover and photography. Explainer videos are perfect for explaining features and benefits in a concise and easy to digest format.

Examples of our Videography