User Interface / UI Design

Designing a User Interface that looks incredible while maintaining a high level user experience is not always a straight forward task. You must always focus on how a user will think; the pathways they will take, the devices they will be using and any problems they may face. Our User Interface design service begins with a combination of market research, wire framing and concept design. Ideally, if it is software that already exists, plenty of hands on experience will enable us to fully understand your app, software or website.

App UI Design

There’s a billion apps out there so how can you make yours stand out from the crowd? At Newwave we will find your USP’s and work with our UX designers to find a way to provide your users with the best experience possible on mobile devices.

Software UI Design

Newwave has helped in creating successful products that people use day to day. We have experience creating software from scratch to streamlining and improving existing software.

If you have a great idea or an existing product get in touch and we can figure out your needs.

Dashboard UI Design

Sometimes your users will need to get to the information they need, fast. A dashboard is a perfect way to display an overview of the information and statistics you need.