Web Service and API Integration

Web services and API’s are often used by third party companies as a means of creating a connection between your website and their external tools. Our team of developers have plenty of experience in working with all kinds of web connections ranging from PayPal, to common stock management systems and lesser known booking systems. If you are using a third party service for your business for reasons such as taking bookings, maintaining stock, tracking cars, etc; if they have an API or Web Service we may be able to streamline your systems and processes.

Streamline your Service

If you are running an internal system such as a point of sale terminal, or booking software on a computer, it will often store all of your data online on your service providers hosting accounts. If they have an API or a Web Service we would be able to synchronise the data on your website and on your internal systems. Allowing you to have up to date stock management on your ecommerce website, or up to date availability on your online reservation system.

Payment Gateway Integrations

If you have an online shop or booking system you will often require a connection to a payment gateway in order to take payments from customers. Whether you have an online shop built in a popular opensource platform or a lesser known system, we can assist in integrating your payment gateway with your website.

Solutions to Complex problems

Online web applications such as Facebook, google maps and Mailchimp all have API access that allows you to solve complex problems by utilising the latest technologies. You may want to dynamically find all the highest rated nearby restaurants based on the location of your website visitor. You may want to add different people to different Mailchimp mailing lists based on the actions they have taken on your website.