British Society for Advanced Dentistry

The society has been running for some time but the website and branding was a poor reflection of their organisation. An important aspect of the society is to recruit dental practitioners, who have an eagerness to develop their skills and learn from their peers. The look we created was bang-on, made up of an intricate logo, a desaturated colour scheme and people shots set in a professional looking website.

"The brief was to create a clean corporate look that would hold well over time. An established and quality look was what was achieved. We are thoroughly happy with the service and professionalism Newwave has given us"

Martin Wanendeya

Branding Across All Materials

The annual BSAD conference is one of the main gatherings for it's members, each year in the UK and on alternating years abroad. Their leaflets needed to be professionally presented, to match the high level of the conferences. The great advantage we have being able to develop brands, websites and printed materials is we can create a consistent look across them all.

Looking great on tablets with responsive design

Considering the target market and where they are more likely to browse is so important. Dental professionals and typically tied up all-day-long with appointments and the running their practices. Research into their own professional development, for most will take place at home browsing on their tablets or smart phones. So, special attention needed to be given to ensure the site was easy to browse on these devices, with clear calls to actions and forms that are simple to fill out .

Creating brands that look like they have always been there

There was a logo already in place, but we felt though it had lots of work put into to it's detailing - it could be so much better. We set about researching what were the important elements that made up a brand, that had a credible, establish yet contemporary feel. This research really helped us nail it, the brand works so well, fine details contrasted by clear fine serif text.

Bringing clarity and focus for the marketing messages

We won the contract to do this work because we were able to demonstrate a high level of understanding of who the organisation was. Our efforts early on were targeted at making it really clear what the society does, who they are right for and how they operate. This strategic approach to marketing helps us to be consistently effective.

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