Christie Residental

Sure Homes, an established estate agent came to us to help them with their branding and marketing. We started by trying to establish where they were positioned in the market and where they would like to be. It then became clear that the current brand positioning was low mass market. Where as they were much more middle to high. They were considering a change of name, so we work through ideas in a brand concepts phase. In this we used a desaturated version of the blue in their logo and for the background colour, with a minimal logo and typography. Which looked great on sale boards, property sheets and the shop front.

The rebrand was a terrific success, and they saw a significant increase in property instructions and completions.

Communicating success

When we started to probe Christie Residential for noteworthy sales figured, they revealed that they had a great track record but it wasn't being communicated to their target audience. We set about building-in key statistics into adverts and mailers. These certainly made for a compelling argument to use them as an estate agent.

Elegant adverts

Sometimes adverts are put together by the papers own teams, usually this is a poor representation of the brand and potentially a waste of advertising budget. We developed great adverts that are completely inline with the rest of there branded assets. The headlines are carefully crafted to be optimised for the advertising space, with a strong hook. Advertising can be powerful when done well.

Aspirational sale boards

We created vertical sale boards, which were white on blue backgrounds that were uncluttered - usually sale board are rammed, feeling like a hard sell. These projected a much more premium feel, helping attract the desired high end market they were looking for.

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