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Cyberlytic is an advanced web-application security who use artificial intelligence to classify attack data, identify threat characteristics and prioritize high-risk attacks. We knew when first speaking to them that we really needed to understand the business and what they did in order to be able to successfully sell their products and services. After getting under the skin of the business we knew they needed a modern and clean design with a clear tone of voice which would break down all the information they had to display. Being a security based company we also needed to ensure that their website reflected this and added a package that would make the security of the site high, to ensure their reputation and business ethos was protected.

Understanding and adapting a brand

We updated their branding to bring it up to date to suit the modern design we were looking to achieve without taking away the identity of the original logo. We focused the brand around on a strong colour palette of red, white and dark grey which made a much more striking presents especially among their competitors. To break down the information it was all organised into sections, also adding iconography and infographics to help with the understanding of the products and services.

"We love really love the new look you've created for us, its help create a brand we can be truly proud of!"

Stuart Laidlaw – Cyberlytic


Iconography is an art in its self. In cyber security it is easy to create cliches, so we worked hard to generate abstract icons that summed up the qualities of their services. Using fine lines, geometry and linking patterns, all in their simple but striking brand colours.

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