What we did

It was all about ‘bums on seat’ we had our clear mandate: to fill the current courses which were not at capacity. We then went on to build on this success and help market and fill new courses. When we started working with Diploma MSc we identified and fixed key problems with the code and structure of the website that were preventing pages from being indexed in Google. Once we rectified these issues we saw a significant increase in the number of pages receiving targeted traffic. We provide copy oversight for all course content and we identify opportunities for new sections on the website that will improve user experience and draw in new traffic.

Starting Point

Keywords: 10 keywords in the top 10, 0 in the top 3
Goal: To get more bums on seats and aid in the growth of new courses

The Results

Keywords: Now has 75 keywords in the top 10 and 46 keywords in the top 3
Search Traffic: A 191% increase in traffic
Business Status: Dominating search results for search terms relating to each course offered. Have more than doubled the number of courses.

“I just wanted you to know that the team have been talking about how impressed we are with the work you’ve done to date. Every question we’ve had you’ve always come back to us as quick as possible and explained things in a language we understand (even if it does take us a age to grasp...). Our managing director just wanted me to pass on our thanks for your work. We look forward to seeing the traffic increase further over the coming weeks and months.”

– Kristen – Marketing Assistant, Diploma MSc

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