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Branding, Website, SEO & Marketing for Dormy Care Communities

When Dormy Care approached us to help them develop their brand, one thing became immediately clear. The vision that Helen had for the company and the level of quality and care she wanted to be associated with Dormy Care wasn’t being reflected in the brand that had been created for them. We decided to present a re-brand to Helen and that encapsulated everything she had told us about her care communities. We needed to position Dormy Care as a premium offering, with attention to detail and quality that was unmatched in the care sector. Alongside this Dormy Care was a parent brand to the care homes below it, which all needed to have a unique identity as well as feeling part of a family.

Foxhunters, A flagship home for the brand

Foxhunters Care Community was to be the flagship home for Dormy Care and key to its success was a quality marketing strategy across multiple channels with a clear level of quality throughout. Working closely with Wendy, Dormy Care’s Director of Marketing, we have achieved exactly this. We helped with multiple marketing events to introduce the local community to the new home with local and national press coverage, as well as working on social media and ad-words campaigns before, during and after launch to bring in enquiries. Our design team were on hand 24/7 to assist with a vast array of literature, adverts, signage and web design.

Building on strong foundations

The success of Foxhunters and the Dormy brand has lead to the acquisition of 2 existing homes from another group as well as a fourth home opening in the summer of 2019. This has offered other unique challenges to the marketing and design teams where we have re-branded existing care homes to match the standard of Foxhunters and aiming to change the local opinion of those care homes to be in line with the quality care that Dormy offer. Through strategic Google AdWords campaigns and organic SEO, Dormy Care has exceeded their monthly enquiry targets and continues to grow. The teams have a fantastic relationship and this synergy that allows us to create with freedom knowing we are both on the same page when it comes to the brand, its goals and the long-term targets of Dormy Care.

They have continued to prove how invaluable they are. There is such a synergy between us

“I very quickly realised that Rich and Steve completely got me, they understood what Dormy Care stands for and the vision that I have. Not only was I completely convinced that Newwave were the agency I wanted to work with but since that time they have continued to prove how invaluable they are. Even though we are 2 separate companies if you were to put us all in a room you wouldn’t be able to tell who was Dormy Care and who was Newwave there is such a synergy between us.”

Helen Davis-Parsons CEO, Dormy Care

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