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Fifth Step is a leading IT and strategic management company, which provide expertise to executive and senior management. They approached us on recommendation, wanting to create visually interesting infographics to incorporate into their current literature and other promotional material. Initially we started working with the Fifth Step team on numerous projects, developing existing printed literature and website assets.

Developing their existing brand through latest data visuals and infographic illustrations

Reinterpreting data and statistics into engaging and exciting infographics was our challenge, with a clear brief and collaboration between both teams, we managed to research, conceptualise designs around current styles and typographic trends. We wanted to provide a clear style which would sit well with their existing brand, but also hold on its own when used as a standalone piece.

Development of their current brand

We utilised Fifth Step's existing brand assets , which we used for existing material, but in order to develop and update their current style we looked into bringing across the styling into new brochure concepts, blog posts and emailers. This is a continuing process, and the working practice behind these briefs has smoothly allowed us to transition from old to new.

Engaging visual infographics

The infographic style has gone through a few development stages, working from an initial pitch concept through to a highly developed style. This has evolved and reshaped their brand in a visually dynamic way. This can be seen clearly across developed brochures, blog posts and one-off presentations.

“Working with the New Wave team is always a pleasure, the infographics that they have produced for us for example, helps us convey our strategic approaches and concepts in a way that makes them far easier to understand, really proving that a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Darren Wray - CEO Fifth Step

Using iconography to communicate content clearly and readily

Iconography was a big shift which pushed forward the idea of infographics to communicate their message clearer. These were developed to be simplistic in their approach, but they could easily translate in depth knowledge of their industry into a simple legible icon. Clarity was the main priority, with regards to how much information that is being developed in literature. This clean aesthetic helped users to digest the content easily.

Generating emailer designs based on highlighted industry topics

As cyber security has had a signify rise in interest within the last few years, Fifth Step were there to help their clients and in order to create awareness of these security issues, webinars and blog posts were created to communicate to their email client base, these were also targeted to the London / Lloyd's financial sector.

Responsive bitesize assets for social media and blog posts

Social media and webinars were a keen interest to communicate Fifth Step's message and to help provide clarity to their clients. The assets created from these infographics have been designed for versatility, allowing for these to be shared across professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

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