Florian Leonhard Fine Violins

Florian Leonhard produces incredible instruments that are highly sought after, built on his expertise restoring some of the World's most prestigious stringed instruments. When we first started working with Florian he had all the ingredients for a very unique offering but needed marketing support that helped build his brand and maximise its exposure.

Raising the profile of an expert stringed instrument authenticator

It became clear very quickly when talking to the team that Florian's business is born out of his obsession with meticulous detail. And it is this obsession coupled with creativity that defines Florian, which led us to focus our marketing efforts on raising his profile through PR. Using our experience in working with international press, we sought out opportunities to promote Florian as an expert violin maker and authenicator. This has been a great success, helping gain fantastic exposure through media interviews, videos and published articles.

Building a brand through PR in New York

After successfully gaining press and online PR coverage in the UK, we were asked to help Florian build his presence in America focusing on his New York office. Florian just like the great Cremonise makers, is a name that represents a workshop made up of great makers, with all the work overseen by Florian himself. So it has been important to communicate Florian as a workshop not just an individual, developing a name that will be proudly labelled on their instruments for centuries to come.

"With a fine attention to detail, Newwave were able to communite our brand effectively across multiples types of medium. They have been a pleasure to work with on every occassion."

Joseph Stupple, Manager

Raising awareness through social media

Florian Leonhard Fine Violins had already built a strong social presence on Facebook when we started working with them, with lots of great reviews and page likes. Through a carefully considered social strategy, we helped them take that one step further by building up their presence across multiple platforms and creating quality social media content that has generated a positive reaction and maximum exposure. Now, they are getting regular engagement from a highly targeted audience with comments, shares and hundreds of likes.

Increasing targeted traffic through Search Engine Optimisation

Through onsite and offsite optimisation, we have been able to significantly increase the amount of targeted traffic to the Florian Leonhard website. We also set up conversion tracking on the website to identify which traffic sources are leading to enquiries. This information is fed back to the team at Florian Leonhard on a monthly basis. Rankings are monitored on UK and US search engines to show progress across these two key regions.

Obsessive detailing from our illustrators

Creating a set of playing cards was a slightly more unusual project to work on, but one our illustrators loved doing. Designing intricate patterns for the cards required an attention to detail only paralleled by Florian's own obsessive detailing.

Telling a story through photography

The best way to tell the story of Florian and his workshop was through photography. We setup a shoot to capture all the fantastic details that make up his team's expert violin making and restoration, along with Florian's authentication process. The results were brilliant, and provided us with a great resource to use in all our marketing activities.

Ongoing relationship at the heart of our marketing retainer

We believe businesses are best developed through nurturing close relationships with our clients. This we achieved with Florian by working with him on a marketing retainer - rather than a project basis. A marketing retainer allowed us to use a full mix of services including: design, web development, digital marketing, PR, video and photography. As our relationship and understanding of Florian's business has developed, the retainer has allowed us the flexibility to use the appropriate service that best meets his marketing needs at that point in time.

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