Putting the Goose & Cuckoo back on the map

Sue approached us to help her raise the profile of the Goose & Cuckoo due to the location being in a fairly rural. The main aim was to create a website and use digital marketing to increase custom and make people aware of all the events they have to offer. When we initially visited the pub it was surrounded by beautiful countryside, full of character, and had a really close community so we felt these were all important factor to get across and base our concepts around.

Producing the website

The outcome of the website was heavily based around the high quality photography which we believe gives a great insight into the atmosphere and character of the pub which we think will appeal to the audience we are looking to target. The strong green blocks add a flash of country, fun and colour against the moody photography other key factors of the Goose & Cuckoo. We also created a detailed events list, with regular events taking place its a great way to give people a chance to plan ahead to be able to attend. Overall we have achieve a site that is friendly and approachable, which you can really get a sense for the place before visiting so you won't be disappointed when you arrive.

Copywriting & SEO

All the copy on the site was created by our in-house copywiriters who carefully thought about the tone of voice of the website, which we wanted to be friendly and approachable yet still informative. Also adding SEO was how we increased the traffic to the website, with expert staff we realised the pages that needed to be added to increase the relate traffic and boost the search results for the Goose & Cuckoo. Along with this controlling their facebook is another element where we have helped the company to raise their popularity and open the door to more people.

Location Photography

It is said never work with children or animals, I think working with locals who've had a few beers should be added to the list too. That aside, we achieved some great results and great fun doing it. The photography is so helpful for using not only on the website but for social media too, helping users get a great sense of what a fabulous pub it is.

“Newwave helped establish our brand and run our marketing campaigns and print - Newwave our like one of our locals.”

Sue – Goose & Cuckoo

Attention to every detail

We wanted to target walkers and active people and the location is surrounded by walking routes, canals and cycling tracks, with the location being a hidden gem in the countryside and the owners also offering accommodation we thought that these were all a good platform to add more about the surrounding area and local sights to see. Whether people would pop in along the way on their walk or stop for a weekend escape away adding these spects to the site would increase the search values in the Goose & Cuckoo's favour.

We knew that the attention to these details would end in a good result, so we created helpful guides and designed iconography to support this content too. All the design details such as the icons really give a profession and clean feel to the site, and show how it is careful thought through even down to representing the history of the pub too. The Goose & Cuckoo has a very rich history, which you can see as soon as you walk into the building with all the framed photographs of the previous annual events and owners, there is a close community that has developed over the years so we thought adding this to the site would appeal to them but also represent this on the site.

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