Haberman Baby Products

Branding, Packaging and Product Design for a Baby Products Company

Haberman produces innovative premium baby and toddler feeding products that help youngsters develop drinking independence. Our experience in their market – having designed market leading baby cups, meant we were ideally positioned to support Haberman in it’s growth. Newwave provided Haberman with comprehensive support through a marketing retainer, which included: branding, packaging, e-commerce website design, advertising, retailer presentations and printed literature.

Genius packaging that's beautifully simple

Haberman needed packaging solutions that were not just limited to what a packaging supplier could offer. We took a more conceptual approach to help them better show off there product, revealing the tactile elements. Our in-depth product design experience provided us with a distinct advantage to come up with a great solution. Cost is particular important in packaging, so we looked to develop a design that would help increase sales, whilst being low cost and easy to assemble.

For these baby drinking cups we created a cut through header card, that allowed the product to stand by its self on shelf, or be hung using the euro hook slot. The folded card assembly cleverly allowed us to trap the clear retaining strap. We then used double-sided tape to importantly avoid the use of glue on the assembly line. The doubled up card also meant we only needed to print on one side, but ended up with a premium feel because of the thickness.


Retailer category review presentations

Category reviews and retailer presentations are particularly important, firstly you have to get the products listed then keep them there. We were able to help create customised presentations specifically for each retailer, along with product and marketing brochures. Our involvement took tremendous pressure off Haberman, allow them to focus on content while we focused on how it was presented.

Being on a marketing retainer Haberman’s team were able to use our services without the barriers of getting quotes, approvals and orders. From our experience, clients get a much more fluid service with a retainer.

Marketing products into a sensitive market

We have a long history of working with baby products, and have designed numerous products including the award winning Cow Cup, ranges for Tesco, Asda and Miriam Stoppard. Haberman approached us because of our established reputation in this industry, to help build their brand and marketing.

Mandy Haberman – who started the company, had previously invented a simple but effective valve, which was moulded into the top of baby cups. Following this success she wanted to launch her next innovative product – a baby bottle with a unique valve. The Haberman Suckle Feeder created a completely new way of feeding, which allowed babies to feed in the same way that they would breast feeding. This is called suckle feeding as opposed to sucking. Health professionals actively promote breast feeding, so the challenge was to promote and market it without discouraging breast feeding.


Branding across a range of products

We were setting a new premium standard for a range of baby feeding products. We carefully designed the range as a whole to have a strong brand presence on shelf. Much of the competition was inconsistent in style and message, so we wanted Haberman to be seen as a whole not a random collection of individual products. When the range was launched – this approach was very well received, and looked great when displayed in the dedicated point of sale units when launched in Boots.

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