Ingles & Hayday

Fine instrument auction house and private sales marketing

Because of our established reputation in this area, Ingles & Hayday came to us to help them launch their new business. Coming from an established position in Sotheby's they wanted to hit the ground running, with a brand that reflected the high level they operated at.

We helped establish a brand that was understated yet distinctive, coupled with a unique website featuring an elegant side bar and magazine style minimalist grid for the content. The launch was a great success and the brand has continued to help strengthen their position as leaders in fine instrument auctions and private sales.

Elegant auction catalogues managed by Newwave

We manage the import of lots and photography, so Ingles & Hayday can focus on valuations, instrument viewings and meeting clients. The system has been designed to work simply with the catalogue exports from their auction administration system, having our own team of back-end PHP developers helps us make the necessary customisations to ensure systems work in the best way for our clients.

“Newwave were integral to building our brand, we are so appreciative of how they continue to support us at each stage of business development”

Paul Hayday, Ingles & Hayday

A fluid ongoing relationship

The relationship with Ingles & Hayday has strengthened over the years. Offering strategic support at key points of development for the business, we have sought to provide marketing advice that will help them achieve their core business goals.

Creating a 45 million dollar buzz

We supported Ingles & Hayday with the marketing for what could have been the most expensive instrument ever sold: The Mac Donald viola by Stradivarius. This required us to create featured website sections, create adverts and deal with the stream of international press articles; all to draw interest from potential buyers. Instruments of this level are really seen outside of museums, yet alone for private sale, so - it was a rare opportunity for buyers, which was reflected in its astonishing asking price of offers in excess of $45,000,000.

Mayfair Brand

To establish a great brand to us it is essential we understand the client's core purpose, and position in the market. For Ingles & Hayday we felt they were at the top end of instrument auction sales, with Tim Ingles being established as one the World's leading fine instrument auctioneers. We drew inspiration for the Ingles & Hayday brand from other well established brands in Mayfair, London. Creating a classic, minimalist design balanced with large imagery and a strong desaturated blue relating to their Sotheby's heritage.

Extension of their team

We act as an extension of the Ingles & Hayday team, bringing a mix of design, web development and digital marketing services. Trust and loyalty are pillars to Ingles & Hayday's business, this dovetails perfectly with our core values: to do business with integrity developing strong on-going relationships. This synergy really helps us to support them to the fullest measure.

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