The UK's leading online school, had experience working with a variety of agencies, and were looking for a provider who could offer a full service. We started working on a few simple items, which had led to us redesigning their website, producing printed literature and raising their online presence through digital marketing.

Offering a positive alternative to traditional schooling

They have a brilliant offering - for children of all ages. Providing focused, highly effective lessons, which are helped by removing the disruptions that classrooms usually face. Class sizes are small, and lesson times shorter giving pupils more free-time. We have worked hard to better structure these messages in a way that clearly highlights the benefits of online schooling and the options available.

Telling Student Stories

Online schooling is a great option for those who have suffered buying to an extent that traditional schooling no longer works for them. There are those who are doing very well in their school, but are limited by the subjects available, InterHigh allows them to compliment their studies with these additional subjects. Then for those in foreign countries, looking for a British education or those being home schooled this is a great option. All these have quite different requirement, so we have put together student stories where their experiences are communicated through their own perspectives.

Balancing SEO and PPC

We have really helped get a solid digital marketing strategy in place. Originally the spend for Google pay per click (PPC) was high, which we were able to greatly reduce by providing ongoing management of the campaigns. These were balanced against an increased emphasis on SEO, where the focus is on producing quality content with a longer lasting effect.

Foreign markets

We identified opportunities through indepth research, that British education was highly sought after abroad. Parents were looking for a gold standard of a British education for their children. We created an effective set on landing pages that targeted specific countries, and added it to our marketing drive.

Doubled search traffic

The SEO work was a huge success, where we saw the search traffic double. Ultimately our goal is to increase bums on seats, and InterHigh saw a record intake as a result, even after slashing the PPC budget upon our advise.

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