LCS - Lean Competency System

We helped LCS create their brand and a community led website for Lean practitioners and organisations interested in Lean practices. It encourages further lean learning through the use of community widgets such as forums, events and articles. The website is also used to sell the services of LCS accreditation and certification.

Marketing Retainer

We support LCS with a marketing retainer, which includes design web development and digital marketing. Working in this way has really helped us support LCS target the distinctly different groups they work with.

Search Engine Optimisation

LCS's started from a great position with it's team having extensive experience and great credibility in Lean practices and education. Though they had this heritage, LCS as a new organisation had no presence online. Our job was the get them found by large organisations and lean practitioners, which we have achieve and continue to monitor and develop.

Its been great having a team that understand my business so well. They proactively work on the marketing for me, so I can get on with running my business.

Simon Alias – Director


The flat design look suited LCD well, we have created many highly shareable infographics for them to use in social media, in emailers and online.


Keeping communication through emailers can be powerful, especially when the mailing lists have an interest in this specialist area. We provided tham with the templates they need to be able to prepare and send their own emailers.

Printed Literature

The literature has just the right look - corporate with a contemporary yet friendly feel. We helped structure the content, to make the information easy to follow with clear outlined benefits and features of the system.


LCS are prolific writers having research and academic backgrounds. We help ensure this great content is understood by their audience with a much stronger marketing emphasis. Also, because we know LCS so well, we confidently write copy for them complimenting their team.

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