Liberton Investigations

A really interesting company, run by Russell Whitfield - an ex-police gold chief commander, used to running whole teams for major incidents. What shone though when we first met Russ was his commitment to operating to the highest standard of integrity. Liberton is made up of a network of professionals that cover all aspects of investigatory work, with international coverage. They needed a company that could present them appropriately at the high level they operate at.

Branding with an approachable feel

Liberton had a particular ideas about how they wanted their brand to feel. They wanted to have a careful balance of coming across as professional whilst remaining approachable. The tone needed to be reassuring with a complete lack of judgement, putting those at a most vunerable position at their ease.

Digital Marketing

Having had little online presence, Liberton came to us to help them increase their digital footprint. Part of our digital marketing strategy involved targeting key areas across the UK where there was more opportunity for business. Now, Liberton has now gone from having little online presence to ranking for multiple, highly-relevant keywords UK-wide.

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