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Run by Dr Nigel Jones, one of the UK's leading dental imlantologists. Premium Dental Implants, is a practice dedicated to dental implants, dealing with the most technical cases for his patients and of those from referring dentists.

New direction for Dr Nigel Jones

We have supported Dr Jones through the progression and development of his professional profile. This has led to him being regularly asked to speak at international implant conferences, lecturing at the Royal Collage of Surgeons, and being considered as one of the leading authorities on progressive dental implant techniques.

Since achieving recognition for his professional status, the next step was to create a new implant brand that embodies all the qualities of his professional practice, whilst not being solely built around his name. This provided Dr. Jones with more options for the future.

Reassuring website

As dental procedures can be scary to patients, it was important that this website was reassuring and friendly. Illustrations in calm colours help patients understand how implants work, backed up by videos that tell peoples compelling stories. The website has SEO at the heart with plenty of quality content, well structured so as not feel content heavy.

Naming and Branding

We worked through a number of naming options, and settled on one that was not geography specific or tied to Dr Jones' name. The name we felt would benefit from making it clear as to its market positioning and level of service.

Staying true to the original brand

As Nigel Jones Dental Implants was an existing brand, it was important to bring across many of the brand qualities, so there was continuity. Though this did provide us with an opportunity to many improvements, and refine his messaging. The result works really well and it was a great progression from what was an already successful brand.


The illustrations worked brilliantly, helping make the complex simple. This style was also used for a variety of technical illustration for communicating surgical procedures to dental students.

“Newwave have become integral to my business, I can leave them get on with marketing for me, freeing me up to do what I am best at.”

Dr Nigel Jones - Director

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