Branding, web design and marketing for a revolutionary cleaning product

Purozo offer revolutionary, non-toxic, chemical free cleaning solutions using aqueous ozone. They are a leading distributor for the Tersano Lotus Pro and iClean Mini aqueous ozone cleaning systems. Purozo needed branding, marketing materials for their sales team, a cutting edge website and ongoing marketing to establish themselves as a leader in the field.

A Brand that oozes credibility

Purozo faced a big challenge. Aqueous ozone cleaning is relatively unheard of in their target market, with many businesses doubting its cleaning potential. Our first task was to create a brand, website and marketing material that established them as credible whilst clearly explaining how aqueous ozone works. This armed their sales teams with vital resources that made selling significantly easier. We also produce videos for Purozo, using client examples to demonstrate how the Lotus Pro system works in each of their target markets.

Generating easy, inbound sales enquiries

Our ongoing marketing retainer has allowed us to continuously develop the brand, website and marketing materials. Ongoing SEO has led to the website ranking in top positions for key search phrases and the website is now being found by an audience that is already aware of the products, they just want a credible supplier. For the first time, Purozo are now taking sales enquiries that need no convincing, they just need a cost and an install date.

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