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Shackleton is one of Wales’ oldest independent high street photographic and electrical retailers. They approached Newwave to create an online platform to sell their cameras, optical products and gadgets. The site shows a great combination of skills from our team, including: branding, front end and back end development, UX and UI design, digital marketing support, magazine advertising and managing promotions.

Turning a threat into an opportunity

Online sales are continually growing, threatening traditional high shops. Smart retailers are re-evaluating their sales models looking for ways to turn this threat into an opportunity. Newwave were ideally positioned to advise Shackletons on how to take their cameras and optics department online. We helped them make the transition, through clear categorisation and a shift of emphasis towards products that provided market differentiation.

Standing out in a crowded marketplace

To be successful, this had to be done to a high standard - the standard that users have come to expect when visiting leading online retailers. We developed a smart and current technology shop, that looks great and is easy to use. We also put together an advanced filtering system that would be able to cope with the many different field variations across the various categories. Filtering is so important, as it is an extension of searching, which is how most people find what they are after.

Improving in-store sales

Measures of success are not just how many online sales are gained. Having a credible online shop had brought many people into the shop, reaching out to people from a wider geographical area. This in itself has challenged what the shop sells and how the website is an extension of its brand and offering.

“We wanted to increase our brand awareness and to create an online store. This was achieved by Newwave and brought in a modern and fun vibe to our company”

Rich – Shackleton Cameras

Printed materials and press

To get sales going initially, we advised a promotion leading up to Christmas. Our graphics team produced a great 'gadgets and gifts' leaflet and the digital marketing team promoted the campaign through the local press, and on the website. This generated sales online and in-store.

Digital Marketing

Having built a successful reputation locally, it was important for Shackleton's to build their presence online. Due to the saturated and competitive market they are in, we decided to go for a broad SEO strategy, targeting longer tailed phrases to help them start ranking. Alongside this, we also created targeted blog posts, social media campaigns and online competitions, which helped Shackleton's successfully broaden their market from Abergavenny to UK-wide.

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