The Real Soup Company

The Real Soup Company produces fresh quality soups, which are easy to serve and perfect for restaurants, pubs and food outlets of all sizes. Newwave successfully helped them rebrand introducing a few simple but effective ideas, which have helped boost their sales significantly. As well as branding we provide ongoing support with website design, product packaging, photography, printed literature and exhibition elements.

Breathing life into an existing brand

Real Soup was a long established soup company with diminishing sales that was bought by Zorba Delicacies, who approached us upon taking it over to help maintain the brand continuity, whilst generating new marketing collateral. This was followed by a refinement of the brand that was more suitable for the food service sector - without alienating their existing customers. To achieve this we simplified the vegetable illustrations used in the logo and increased the size of the name Real Soup, this made the brand much clearer especially when scaled down.

Real Soup wanted a brand that reflected the qualities of the soup it produced. We developed the website and marketing materials to have a fresh hand-made yet contemporary feel - just like gastro pubs. The style we implemented used a blackboard and chalk fonts. The black background helped the soups in white bowls stand out on the website and related literature. This created a strong and distinctive look, which helped the company gain significantly more customers and increase sales, making it into a profitable acquisition.

Launching new product ranges in to the food to go category

Real Soup's increased client base created the opportunity to launch a new product - the Grab & Go soups pots. These single serve soups are distributed through vending machines in factories, hospitals and universities and large workplaces without a canteen. We continue to work with Real Soup as their market share grows and opportunities arise.

“Newwave continue to be an invaluable asset to us. The quality of their design work has helped us land contracts with large suppliers. They don’t just simply deliver designs, they understand our goals and work with us to achieve these.”

David Colwell – The Real Soup Co.

Point of sale - giving to receive strategy

We advised Real Soup to provide their customers with marketing assets of real value. To do this we created Soup of the Day posters for each of their soups, which were provided as a pack. These provided a simple but highly effective way for their customers to promote their soups. We took plan view photos of the soups to create a bold easy to understand poster.

This approach has has gone a long way to establishing trust in the brand, and importantly increase sales.

Brand built on photography

The next step was to develop the brand to have a more contemporary feel. We felt the best approach was to build the brand on good quality lifestyle photography. Creating some shots with moody dark textured backgrounds and others with a lighter bleached summer window style. This contrasting approach created diversity - whilst being able to reflect the different seasons or countries.

Producing the photography ourselves really helps our design team; we know where they are looking to create space or graduating tones in the shots to best suit their designs. This could be for a website banner - where we need to run headlines over the image, or create a tall, narrow arrangement for a pull-up exhibition stand.

Ongoing relationship with edible perks

We continue to have a long, good working relationship with Real Soup, which has helped our understanding of their business get stronger and stronger. Being foodies, we love working in this sector - especially when we get to try out new and experimental recipes!

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