Navigating the Challenges of Brand Diversity with a Unified Digital Platform

Services employed:

Trimline Group, renowned for their premium tile brands Pyro + Echo, and a diverse range of sealants and grouts, faced a unique challenge. Their online shop, nestled within their main domain, presented a hurdle for their sales team when it came to effectively marketing each of their own brand products. While direct sales to tradesmen through their online shop were steady, the team sought to secure contracts for larger-scale projects, such as commercial pools, hotel lobbies, and washrooms.

A New Digital Presence to Support Sales and Showcase Sectors

We proposed the development of a new corporate site, distinct from their online shop, to spotlight the sectors they serve, their brands, and their past projects, all with the aim of aiding their sales agents in securing and closing contracts. The site, crafted in a custom version of WordPress using our innovative design system, not only migrated content from their sub-brand sites but also incorporated an SEO strategy to ensure a seamless transition and maintain their digital presence.

Evolving Branding to Align with Market Positioning

In addition to the digital platform, our journey with Trimline Group extended into the realm of branding. We evolved their existing aesthetic, introducing new style elements that not only retained the essence of their established identity but also elevated their positioning within the market. This nuanced approach to their branding ensured a coherent and recognisable presence across all platforms and communications.

Spotlight on Solutions and Service for Larger Contract Wins

A pivotal aspect of our strategy centred around a robust focus on solutions and service. By highlighting these areas, we aimed to provide their sales team with a fortified foundation, enabling them to effectively communicate the value and expertise Trimline Group brings to larger contracts. This, in turn, was designed to assist in not only winning but also successfully closing substantial deals.


The new corporate site, with its enhanced branding and strategic focus on solutions and service, now serves as a powerful tool for Trimline Group. It not only showcases their expertise and past successes but also operates as a supportive platform for their sales team, aiding them in navigating the complexities and opportunities of larger contract negotiations and closures.